iClick2Share - 15: Buy Nifty Call Option, Target Rs. 230

We are pleased to share our very special service with the purpose of making short-term gains in the stock market to the investor.
Post 15
Instrument TypeCall Option
Price (Rs.)163.20
Stop Loss (Rs.)138.50
Duration15 days
Target (Rs.)230
RemarksTarget Achieved (30-Apr-2018)      Gain= 25%++ 

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Key Points to remember before entering into any our recommendations:
  • No Intraday only Delivery based trading.
  • Stop Loss is a must
  • For Derivative contracts, try not to execute order beyond our given Price Range
  • All our free recommendations are for representation/promotion purpose, thus their targets are either achieved or about to achieve. Therefore, always consult your broker before entering into any of our recommendations.
  • If you want access to our calls early before it becomes a headline in the media then, you can mail us at: 

We provide our Best Premium Recommendations at a cost of either Profit Sharing or an Upfront Fee or both



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